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Trends and Opinions on High-Tech Recruitment

4 Benefits Of Remote Work For Employees and Employers

As unprecedented events began unfolding across the world, we witnessed an acceleration for the need of teleworking. Countries have begun to relax lockdowns, sparking peculiar responses from several large companies. On a more recent note, Facebook announced its plans...

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Contract Workers – A Revolutionized Concept

In the ever-evolving world of technology and the constant calamity surrounding our current crisis, it is crucial for businesses to adapt and discover ways to improve efficiency within their structure. As COVID-19 reaches its peak and forces innovation in the...

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Data Scientist require Python knowledge?

Python knowledge is critical for any data science role regardless of what client candidates are submitted or applying to. It's compatibility with most platforms along with its multiple open source frameworks and tools allows you to build just about anything. Want to...

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Virtually Recruiting for the Modern World

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact many companies, especially small businesses, figuring out ways to maintain hiring processes are a concern for many. The call for social distancing is requiring many to work remotely, which is introducing an influx in...

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How to Vet and Hire Contract Employees in 9 Steps

According to a study conducted by Intuit software company, by 2020, forty percent of the US workforce will be contractors, which are also known as consultants and freelancers.Based on the latest survey by the US Department of Labor, which was conducted in...

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Cheat Sheet on Vetting IT Candidates

Hiring IT professionals sounds as simple as posting job vacancy ads on LinkedIn or Indeed and waiting for job applications to pour in. However, when candidate resumes start to come, most likely you'd feel inundated by the number of candidates to vet. It...

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