Recruiting Appian Consultants

Hiring Top Appian and PEGA-Certified Developers is Crucial to Your Project Success

Today, developers are highly sought after commodities. The war for top developer talent is much hotter than you’d expect. This being said, hiring the best candidates require more than simply posting a job vacancy on Indeed or LinkedIn. It demands a proven system that would filter out the not-so-good candidates and only filter in the exceptional.

If you have projects related to intelligent automation, BPM (business process management), robotic process automation, case management, intelligent contact center, low-code development, (PaaS) platform as a service, mobile app development, and trust management, most likely you’d need Appian developers whose knowledge go beyond the basics.

Or, if your projects are related to AI (artificial intelligence), BPM, case management, chatbots, virtual assistants, DevOps and testing, low-code app development, mobility, robotic automation, and workforce intelligence, PEGA-certified developers with excellent technical skills and personality traits are likely what you’d need.

Recruiting Isn’t Simple

The thing is, recruiting the best hires isn’t as simple as it looks. The vetting process takes a lot of effort, preparation, testing, verifying, and experience. After all, without the best available candidates, your projects aren’t likely to be completed within the expected timeframe and with the expected quality level.

In other words, if you’re not a specialized technical recruiter with years of experience, most likely, you might not be able to distinguish B and C-grade developers from the ones at the top of their class. But you definitely want to hire these best ones so you might feel it’s quite dilemmatic.

Also, giving technical interviews is unlike interviewing for managerial or creative positions, as technical skills can be pretty hard to discern outside their organic environment. For instance, when you ask a programmer to explain certain approaches for coding on a whiteboard, he or she might not feel as confident as working on the laptop, as the former is the natural habitat. Thus, he or she could have been showing false incompetence.

Now, how do you recruit top Appian and PEGA consultants, whose actual coding skills match or surpass what they put in the resume? For selecting the best Appian developers, you can recruit certified ones.

The Importance of Living Coding Challenge

Another way to filter in highly qualified consultants is by having them assessed with a live coding challenge. This would allow you to actually see how they perform and whether they’re as skilled as they say they are.

For PEGA consultants, you can recruit candidates with PEGA certifications offered by PEGA Academy, which can be verified. In general, there are certifications for System Architect, Senior System Architect, Lead System Architect, Robotics System Architect, Decisioning Consultant, and Marketing Consultant. Each certification has its distinctive technical roles and related skills.

After learning how to recruit highly-skilled developers, you’d need to vet them for their soft skills. Despite one’s fantastic technical skills, he or she would need to work closely with others in a team. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are critical to the success of any project.

Next, you’d need to critically evaluate a candidate’s online profile to notice any discrepancy. You’d also interview them on the phone or video conference to verify their experiences.

In conclusion, hiring top technology candidates isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’d need to be able to evaluate their technical credentials, assess their actual tasks, and discern their personality suitability, communication style, and interpersonal skills. With the hiring manager’s limited time and a looming deadline, vetting tens or even hundreds of applicants within a couple of days might not be feasible.


Find out the 5 simple steps in hiring genuine, authentic, and credentialed Appian or PEGA consultants in the PDF download below.

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