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Recruit Top Candidates in 3 Days

You have an urgent technical project to tackle, but you haven’t found the right members for the team. In this job market, there are plenty of good candidates to choose from. Consider hiring technical contractors. However, selecting and vetting the most competent ones with the right attitude can be quite a challenge.

With Flashii’s proven and rigorous selection and vetting process, we can find you the top contractors and the most qualified engineers, developers, and scientists for projects of all sizes within 3 business days. The proven online tool would assess the candidate’s coding skills, while our associates would evaluate their soft skills. After all, our clients demand talents with the best technical skills who also possess a positive attitude and problem-solving capability.

Based in Silicon Valley, we’ve worked with companies like Apple, Calix, OpenTable, HP, Versa Networks, Deloitte, PwC, and Samsung. We have a combined of 20+ years experience in hand-selecting elite talents who might not have been looking for a new opportunity yet.

In short, if you’re a hiring manager, a CIO, a CTO, a VP of Engineering, a startup founder, or an employer who needs project contractors quickly, we’re here to serve. With our track record and proven screening method, the cost-per-hire is very competitive, and the time-to-hire is accelerated significantly from months to only 3 business days.

Flashii connects you with stellar, hidden candidates that other recruiters don’t have access to.

The Flashii Difference

  • Introduction to a pool of pre-vetted candidates, including pre-assessed with actual coding assignments
  • Competitive cost-per-hire
  • Accelerated time-to-hire

How Flashii Works for Companies

  • We send out invitations to selected candidates and make it simple for candidates to show their interest
  • You choose the candidates that best fit your opportunity

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