The Rapid Rise of Remote: Winning in a Work From Home World

September 02, 2020

The New Normal: Remote is Working

As 2020 continues to be The Year of Colossal Change — challenging times along several dimensions — a new normal has taken hold in business: the vast majority of companies, including the mighty tech giants, are now adjusting their work policies to allow (or even encourage) their workers to stay safe at home, and perform their work duties using remote technologies.

Welcome to today’s remote, “work from home” world. First came a sense of unease and hesitation from companies and workers alike. But this feeling has changed to wide acceptance, and even enjoyment, of “WFH.”  Despite initial fears that this new mode of work may not have a “remote” chance of success, it turns out that workers like remote. This kind of work is… working.

For the foreseeable future (most likely for several years to come), we are witnessing a fundamental shift into a remote working environment. And this shift has been remarkably swift. Just five months ago, 75% of jobs were performed at an office. Now, 90% of jobs are remote.

Contractors are In, Too (and In High Demand)

Many of the new remote jobs are not being offered to permanent full-time employees, but rather to talent performing work on a contract basis. The New Normal clearly has had a strong influence here, too. With continuing uncertainty over how the business landscape will unfold in the coming months, many companies prefer not to commit resources to full-time employees right off the bat. Not only does hiring contract talent enable companies to test new workers to see if they are a true fit, but companies also get to buy time to see how their budgets are impacted during the next few months as the pandemic progresses.

For both of these reasons, contract talent is the perfect solution for our uncertain times.

Are the Twin Trends Your Friend?

To sum up, the New Normal has led to Twin Trends when it comes to hiring, especially in the tech space: remote “work from home” and contract talent. In fact, 98% of companies now have contractors working remotely.

So, if you want to win, now is the time to embrace change, and go “All In” on remote contract talent. Companies should not waste time wondering if remote contract work is an isolated phenomenon, a temporary trend, something to accept for a few months till COVID passes. The data indicates that this mode of hiring is here to stay.

How to Be a Winner When Companies are Thinner

The question is, will you be in the Winners or Losers camp when it comes to this new reality of leaner companies preferring to use remote contract talent Companies who resist or fail to adapt to the new normal will be the unfortunate losers in this brave new world of work.

In contrast, the winners will be companies that:

  • Utilize remote workers on a contract basis, resulting in benefits such as quicker time to productivity and cost reduction
  • Remain nimble and open to staffing changes, so they can be well positioned in this era of leaner companies, on-demand work, shifting conditions, changing requirements, and learning from (adjusting to) new data.

Take the Hyperloop to Talent, Not the Dirt Road

Companies must get on the optimal path — the fast track (or hyperloop, if you will) — in order to reach the Winner’s Circle when it comes to today’s brave new world of work.

The losers in our new work reality are those who keep using old ways of doing things, mainly due to inertia — the biggest speed bump on the road to success. These old ways may have been fine before, but now these outdated methods are expensive, slow, and unpredictable.

In contrast, winners embrace new ways of doing things. Optimizing for today’s remote contract work environment results in a range of benefits, such as:

  • Faster time to productivity
  • Predictable costs
  • Getting results that are fully optimized.

Fast, Optimized Recruiting: Best Way to Find Remote Contractors

When looking for new talent, businesses need recruiting solutions optimized for the new remote-contractor-centric reality. They want to find:

  • Candidates experienced with remote work environments
  • Talent that closely matches job requirements, not “almost” or “good enough”
  • Recruiting experts with extensive experience serving major clients, and access to “hidden” contract talent with top tier skill sets.

This recruiting model, optimized to find the best contract talent with a strong focus on remote experience, delivers the highest probability of success in today’s world.

Flashii: Remote Staffing Experts, Finding Top Contract Talent Fast

Flashii is the solution more and more companies are turning to in order to get the vetted, tested contractors they need. While many of Silicon Valley’s leading tech organizations have benefited from its recruiting solution, Flashii can bring any sized company into today’s new world of remote contract work.

Specializing in Software, Hardware, and IT Contractors

Flashii’s bread and butter is providing software contractors to clients, as well as other highly skilled tech-trained consultants. With “remote contractor” being the predominant mode of work today (98% of companies now use them), Flashii is the recruiting solution most optimized for finding this type of talent.

Locating Hidden Talent

Flashii can also connect clients with stellar, hidden candidates that other recruiters don’t have access to — unique talents who might not have been looking for a new opportunity yet. This is often the best time to snap up star talent — before they even start looking — since they haven’t been enticed by other offers.

Finding Contract Talent Fast

Our name says it all when it comes to speed: we find talent in a Flash, to fill roles fast. If you’re a hiring manager, CIO, CTO, VP of Engineering, startup founder, HR leader, or an employer who needs project contractors quickly, we’re here to serve.

World-Class Clientele

Based in Silicon Valley, we’ve worked with leading companies like Apple, Calix, OpenTable, HP, Versa Networks, and Samsung. Our team has a combined 20+ years of experience in hand-selecting elite contract talent.

Flashii Specializes in Cisco/CCIE Contractors

We are the experts at providing CCIE contract talent to companies worldwide.

Imagine you have an urgent CCIE project to tackle, but you haven’t found the right members for the team. In the current job market, there are plenty of candidates to choose from. However, selecting and vetting the most competent ones with the right attitude can be quite a challenge.

That’s where Flashii really shines.

With our rigorous selection and vetting process, we can find you the top CCIE contractors and the most qualified Cisco engineers, developers, and scientists for projects of all sizes. Our proven online tool assesses the candidate’s coding skills, while our associates evaluate their soft skills – since clients demand talents who not only have the best technical skills, but also possess a positive attitude.

The Flashii Difference: Why We’re The Best at Finding Contract CCIE Talent

No other recruiting solution comes remotely close to what Flashii offers:

  • Introduction to a pool of fully vetted CCIE candidates
  • Talent pre-assessed
  • Predictable cost-per-contractor
  • Accelerated time-to-productivity
  • You choose the candidates that best fit your opportunity
  • Contractors are productive fast, and cost effectively, all remote.

Bottom Line: Flashii Finds Top CCIE Contractors, Fast

Companies that properly utilize remote resources on a contract basis will be the ones most likely to win in the new era of work.  To find these resources,

Flashii does the heavy lifting, taking care of multiple pain points to bring you ideal candidates in a remote, contractor-centric world.  Our mission is simple: to provide the perfect candidate for the role you must fill, quickly and efficiently, with the best fit to the job.

There is no better recruiting partner to help you navigate today’s new normal.

To learn how Flashii can help you find the best CCIE resources, visit


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