Top 5 Factors that Impact Hiring Success

December 15, 2022

The Great Resignation has impacted most organizations around the world. In the United States alone, around 50 million workers quit their jobs in 2021, hoping for higher pay and better career options. Unfortunately, this posed a grave problem, especially in the tech industry, where positional gaps impacted business continuity and put the entire organization’s future success at risk.

It’s no secret that organizations need top talent to succeed. Putting your organization in the best position for hiring success equates to positioning towards organizational success. However, despite the abundance of jobs and skills in the recruitment market, hiring success has proven to be more difficult than ever.

It’s not all dark and gloomy, though. With a bit of information, your organization can improve its chances of finding hiring success. With the high level of difficulty in finding suitable candidates and the fiercely competitive tech recruitment market, it is vital to keep these factors in mind to improve the chances of hiring top talent. 


Particular skills and competencies are required in every Tech job post. For example, a front-end developer’sdeveloper’s skill set differs significantly from a back-end developer’sdeveloper’s. Keeping this in mind, ensuring that clarity is established from the first contact with the candidate is vital. Failure to do so may cause the job posting to be ignored or placed in the backseat of a top talent’stalent’s priority list. 

We appreciate this factor by understanding the psychology of the talent pool currently on the market for jobs and what they face daily while searching for the right job. The IT recruitment marketplace is a noisy and cluttered space. The only way to stand out in this space is to be straightforward and clear about what you want. 

Clearly listing what you want is critical to success in this area. Here are some examples:

  • Will the role be required in office work, or can it be done remotely?
  • Is the position open to newbies, or does it require experience? 
  • What will be the day-to-day expectations from the possible hire?
  • What does it take to be excellent in this role?

The keyword to hiring success in the IT recruitment industry is ‘‘explicit’’. Be explicit on what you want, spell it out in more ways than one, and be direct while being detailed at the same time. A checklist of specifications will help you filter out fit and unfit candidates, making the candidate vetting process more efficient. 

A Healthy Timeline

Planning positions your organization toward hiring success. This is especially helpful when considering the need for top talent in the tech industry, as every role is vital to the organization’s success. Finding the right skillset doesn’tdoesn’t just mean accounting for your recruitment timeline while also considering the timeline of potential recruits.

In most cases, top candidates will most likely not be available at a moment’s notice. This is because there are so many factors to consider. For instance, they may need to notify their current employers before transitioning. Others may still be bound by a non-compete agreement that hinders them from signing with a top competitor. All of these factors will significantly limit an organization’s options in terms of hiring top talent.

Careful planning and healthy business continuity practices will help organizations avoid any unnecessary gaps in crucial roles within the company. Both would require skill in formulating a healthy recruitment timeline to ensure that a candidate is identified as soon as a position becomes vacant or at risk of vacancy. 

Well-Formulated Recruitment Process

Getting noticed by potential candidates from the tech recruitment marketplace can be quite challenging. But gaining market visibility is only half the problem. 

Finding and recruiting people with the right skillset can be especially difficult, given that what you see on paper may be far from what you get. This is why having a well written out recruitment process is important to make the vetting process faster and more effective in the following ways:

  • Finding Red Flags. One of the most difficult challenges you will experience during the hiring process is reconciling what can be found out about a candidate on paper and who the candidate is in the flesh. Some can hide any red flags as they sell you the idea of being a top candidate. By implementing a consistent, thorough vetting process, these disqualifying factors will come to light even before they negatively impact your organization.
  • Eliminate Gaps. You may end up misidentifying a top candidate and lose out on a crucial skillset or fail to recognize red flags and fill your talent gap with mediocre talent. Either way, gaps in your recruitment process hurts your organization in the long run. But a well-structured recruitment process allows you to see where these gaps lie to improve your hiring efficiency.
  • Keep Top Candidates Engaged. In hiring top talent, delays or missed follow-ups will easily cause the endeavor to fall by the wayside. Having a sound tracking system in place will ensure success in this arena. Providing consistent updates and feedback to top candidates will also likely make them more willing to be subjected to the next step in your recruitment process.

Although top candidates will likely consider more than one option, an organization with an established recruitment process offers consistency and clarity, which puts you at the top of the list. 

Marketplace Insight

So you’ve checked all the boxes in developing the right recruitment strategy. The job description has been clarified, expectations are stated explicitly, a solid interview process is set up, and the timeline is already in place — what else could go wrong? 

It may appear surprising that many job offers have been rejected at the last moment because of misplaced expectations. But this often happens when the candidate finds the salary offer too low or the entire package could be more impressive. Regardless of the cause, these can be avoided by better understanding the current job market.

In a competitive market, recruiters must understand the value of the skillset they are looking for so a competitive offer can be placed on the table — one that makes both the candidate and the organization happy.

A few questions that can be asked are:

  • How much does this problem of filling a particular role cost the organization?
  • How much is the organization willing to pay to solve this problem?
  • How much will it cost to keep the position unfilled?

Thoroughly researching the current market value of quality tech talent goes a long way toward helping the organization move forwards with the hiring process — and getting a favorable outcome.

Recruitment Technology

Recruitment is a long, arduous process. It requires plenty of preparation, research, time, and effort to interview candidates to recruit the right candidate with the proper skill set. But despite your best efforts to prepare an appropriate recruitment strategy, you may end up with mediocre talent or, worse, not end up with anyone at all.

Developing tech-driven hiring models have translated to recruitment success for many organizations today. By implementing a recruitment workflow based on a tech-based recruitment solution, these companies have streamlined their vetting and recruiting processes, improving their likelihood of landing a candidate bearing the suitable skill set.

Instead of spending a significant amount of time and resources on recruitment yourself, these are better realigned to a streamlined solution that offers a much higher likelihood of success. Tech-based recruitment partners have already built an extensive network and have performed all the research needed to get you the talent you need in a much shorter period. This way, you can refocus your time on running your business. 

Partner with the Best Recruitment Solution in the Business

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With a partner like Flashii, all that needs to be done is to sit back and watch the magic of the recruitment process unravel as your organization begins another journey toward a successful hiring cycle. Find top talent today by contacting us through this form.

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