How High Performing Companies Recruit Technical Talent

March 26, 2020

Let’s imagine a big company, or more importantly – highly profitable company. They have virtually unlimited resources and can invest significant sums of capital to attract and acquire the best talent. Given the current move towards remote work, I thought it made sense to let you know that even the most profitable companies out there have found it to be more efficient to handle the entire hiring process virtually, and they’ve been doing it this way for a while now.

Here’s what makes it work for them:

1. They partner with great recruiting firms

  •  At Flashii, we have the experience leading global talent acquisition teams and currently recruit for start-ups and the Fortune 500 companies
  • Reduce risk with candidates that may be fake or highly inflated resume by cross checking various data points

2. Co-Develop a vetting process

  • Not a one size fits all – For example: technical roles should have coding tests or live video technical assessments
  • Once the process is designed, execute the plan in a coordinated effort

3. Understand that contractors are a great option, especially in the current market

  • We’re working remotely now anyway, why not have resources that have the experience to handle the remote work already
  •  Enable you to control your budget with agility in uncertain times
  • Great talent isn’t always in your backyard, nor does it want to move there

4. They let the recruiting firm handle the following (all done remotely):

  • Background checks
  • Administrative Onboarding
  • In a contractor setting, let them handle payroll and providing the contract worker with benefits

With those 4 considerations – you’re ready to start making moves in the current marketplace. The companies who have adopted these principals have seen time to productivity reduce drastically, a frictionless onboarding process, and can obtain better resources at a lower cost.

There’s no doubt that making the transition from traditional recruiting processes to virtual is no walk in the park. Now is a great time to invest in a strategic partnership with a world-class technical recruiting firm.

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