How to Attract the Right Consultants at the Right Time

April 08, 2019

Due to the booming economy and low unemployment rate, the current job market is favoring candidates, including consultants, instead of employers. Despite this fact, employers can’t simply hire any contractor that comes their way, as there is a vast difference between having a thriving business or one in a survival mode. You can attract the right consultants with the right approaches.

Employers definitely need contract employees who are not only masters in their respective skills but also have the right attitude and the right soft skills for the job. At least, the candidate must have a positive attitude and excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work well in a team.

The process of hiring consultants is unlike recruiting full-time employees, as the former would require specific vetting skills in fast turnaround time. For instance, when recruiting full-timers, employers usually have weeks or months to invite, screen, and vet candidates. But with contractors, hiring time is frequently limited, as the project must be started and completed in the shortest possible time.

This being said, it would require having access to a pool of pre-qualified, experienced, and pre-tested contractors who are available on short notice. Your best bet would be considering a recruitment solution with years of experiences in hiring contractors, like Flashii. We have 20 years of combined experiences in high-tech recruitment for high-caliber employers in Silicon Valley and throughout the United States.

If you’re an employer with time-sensitive projects, here are some tips to ensure successful hiring.

1. Have a clear idea on the job description or the project scope and the requirements

The management and the hiring team should have a strong understanding and an aligned perspective on the job description, the project scope, and the contractor’s qualifications. This would require good communication among internal divisions to come up with clarity and to convey this information to the recruiting solution.

2. Understand the targeted consultant’s requirements

If you’re hiring highly technical consultants, recognize the particular skill sets that you’re looking for. It should be clear from the beginning, so the hiring process can be as transparent as possible and targeting the right pool of candidates. While the recruiting solution would pre-test them, the project leader should have some idea on the required skill sets to ensure suitability with the match and the success of the project.

3. Communicate the requirements and the project scope or job description to the technical recruiter clearly

Clear communication is crucial to ensure that the consultants’ skills and the employer’s expectations would match. This also allows for the recruiter to pre-test candidates with the right skill sets.

Our proven tool provides the best candidate pre-testing with popular programming languages, such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and others. We also vet and pre-test data scientists, Appian consultants, PEGA consultants, Full Stack developers, Javascript developers, iOS developers, web developers, and others.

Flashii provides a recruiting solution to employers in hiring pre-vetted and skill-tested consultants in software, hardware, IT, operations, and HR. Our candidates are trained and experienced in these skills: data science, Appian, PEGA, Full Stack, Javascript, iOS, web development, and others.

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